It is worth mentioning that wet dry vacuum cleaner is quite similar to basic canister cleaner as it is particularly designed to tackle dry dust & dirt along with liquid spills. Moreover, it was mainly used for the heavy-duty jobs, mostly in commercial properties. Nevertheless, current compact models in several sizes have just been designed by makers for the household use.

Best wet dry vacuum is convenient in any sort of working environment & might be used around home in order to clean just like usual top-ranked vacuum cleaners with added advantage of being capable of dealing with wet patches and liquid spillage. Beside this, it is able to take on all kinds of the liquid and dirt waste, in spite of whether it is outdoors and indoors.

Furthermore, the inner electrical components of wet dry vacuum cleaner are well shielded & housed distinctly to vital workings of a machine. This makes wet dry vacuum cleaner quite secure to use with no possibility of the electrocution to users. Moreover, it never demands extra maintenance, even though filters would require cleaning & perhaps replacing particularly after prolonged use.

Design of Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A basic design of wet dry vacuum cleaner is relatively simple. In spite of utilizing the vacuum bag, a wet dry vacuum cleaner generally uses a double bucket technology, which separates liquid from solid into 2 distinct compartments. Few wet dry vacuum cleaners have blower system.

Types of the Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet dry vacuum cleaners come in four different types. These types are as follows:


Generally, these cleaners are well equipped for the task. Moreover, not only are they faster & extra thorough at vacuuming, they also have more capacity. Nevertheless, they tend to be very heavy and bulky.


Medium wet dry vacuums are good give and take, both in performance and compactness & can do quite well in any sort of situation.


It is worth stating that top handheld vacuum are ideal for portability or if users have limited space, even though it is vital to know that users would sacrifice performance and capacity.


As with small dry wet vacuum cleaner, these never have the performance or capacity of larger models even though they are quite easy to store & very light to move around or carry.

Using wet dry vacuum cleaner

I would like to mention that with the single click of button users are able to alter the functional ability of the wet dry vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless, as cleaner sucks up dirt and liquid, it utilizes two distinct kinds of the filters such as paper filter is used for dust particles & debris and foam filter is used for water & other liquids. Moreover, both of these filters would need altering while moving over from one job to another job.

If user utilize a machine in order to clean up the liquid waste then it is advisable to empty the bucket immediately in order to avoid the accumulation of stagnant water. Nevertheless, it is vital to get into a practice of draining the internal bucket on daily basis, so that remaining or stagnant water might be removed from a hose & bucket before using the machine next time.

Overall, it can be said that wet dry vacuum is reasonably a basic machine even though for the heavy duty vacuuming tasks, the efficiency and versatility is far greater over standard vacuuming devices. Moreover, an extra-long power string is an additional benefit as well; this is because there were mostly built for machine and industrial shop environments.

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